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Peach cake

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I'm happy to introduce the first guest post on the blog. Z agent finally made the decision to share one of her amesing cakes with you. She wants to be famous and there is nothing to wonder about. Her cakes are like dream. The only problem with them is that they are not meant for someone with diabetes.

Anyway, this time I was the assistant in the kitchen beside her and fortunately I didn't mess up the recipe again. (Last time when we baked together, I instructed her to put in much more sugar than needed because I was reading the recipe in the wrong paige - remember Rachel's Thanksgiving dish?...)

Peach cake by Agent Z

After a long and tiring day what you mostly want is the nice smell of a cake all over the house. All right, maybe not everyone want this but I needed it the most at Tuesday night. But my grandmas are far away who always put before me a large plate of cakes, so this time I had to do everything myself.

Going home the perspective was really distressing: two flossy peaches, some eggs, flour,

butter, sugar was in the kitchen. From these I can't make a miracle or can I? Be my judges after seeing the result...

If I want something really tasty without a lot of efforts I always go for the blended dough. For this peach cake you mix 10 dkg soft butter with 10 dkg sugar and a pack of vanilin sugar until its scummy than you give 2 eggs to it.

You have to mix the dough until it's solid to add 10 dkg all pourpose flour to it. At the end you throw a pinch of a baking powder in it and you have got a great dough. It will fit in a 10*15 baking pan.

On the top of the dough I put the chopped peaches then put it in the preheated oven at 375 F for 30 minutes. When the top is golden your cake is ready.
You can serve it with powdered sugar, mint or at summer with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits. Either way it will be really delicious.

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