2010. november 7., vasárnap

Let's start it

This is not my first gastro blog. Half a year ago I started another one but I had some technical difficulties so I decided I to start everything from the scratches. In this new cooking journal you will get old and new recipes too. The olda one: kiserletikonyha.blogger.hu won't die because the recipes and the goal of it will live along here.

I was diagnosed with diabetes one and a half year ago. I realised I will have to change my eating habits. No more sandwich days, and ice teas if I don't want to loose my limbs and my health in all before I reach 40.

So during this period I started to develop, change recipes to be less full of carbohydrates and be edible for diabetics too. But life is not just about diabetic recipes. I like to cook for friends and family who can eat a lot more carbs and when I do those dishes I'm like a cat - just lick here and there for tasteing...

Since I always have to practice my english I will try to give you my recipes in Hungarian and in English too. Please look forward to it!

So let's start it

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