2010. november 12., péntek

French beans steamed on butter

Yesterday I decided I won't go to the mall. I will cook something with the ingredients in the fridge. I have to say there was nothing in it. Or almost nothing: a little bit of butter, french beans, milk, eggs...


1 spoonfull of butter
5-6 french beans - 6,8 g of carbs in 100 g
hard cheese
green herbs

I melted the butter in a pan then below a lid I steamed the beans (washed it and cut the ends of it before) on it. From time to time I stirred around the beans so they were not just steamed but a little bit fried too.

After 10-15 minutes I put it on a plate. Grate some cheese on it and sprinkle with some herbs. I used tarragon but it's optional.

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