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Cream and spinach lasagne

Um, it was a long time ago that I practiced my english on you, dear reader, so please be nice to me.

When I first made this recipe the sunny was shining warmly and summer was approaching around the corner. And 3 good friends was busy making something good to eat in the kitchen. With agent Zs and Á, we made this lasagne for the second time.

I don't really like tomato sauce so I had to replace it with something else. The cream was an easy choice since when I ate pizza (once a year) I always asked for it with cream base not tomatoe sauce. So how comes in the picture the spinach? It was in the frige so I decided to try out. Hoped it will be good and it was delicious.


4 middle sized tomatos (2 greens and 2 reds) - 100 g/4 g carbs
2-3 dl cream - 1 dl/3,8 g carbs
2 dl clotted cream - 1 dl /4 g carbs
2 cloves of garlic
30 dkg minced meat
2 handfulls of spinach - 100 g/1,8 g carbs
lasagne - 100 g/70 g carbs
salt, pepper, rosemary
2 kinds of cheese, one of them smoked if possible

1, wash the spinach then cut off the stems. Boil a pot of water and cook the spinach for 3 minutes in it. After that strain it and put aside.

2, grease your baking pan with a little bit of olive oil and put a layer of lasagne pasta on it. Lay some of the tomato slices on it and cover with some spinach.

3, crush the cleaned cloves with a knife then toss it in a pan with the meat. Don't fry it thoroughly just give it some fire and taste with the cloves and spices.

4, pour the cream nad clotted cream into a bowl with the leftover tomato slices, rosemary, meat and a bit of green onion. Stir it together carefully and pour it over the lasagne and spinach.

Why I say carefully? Because I managed to splash it out two times because the cream was so light.

Mire a fényképig jutottam már csak ennyi maradt - The leftovers...

5, put another layer of spinach over the sauce than put on another cover of lasagne. I know it's not to high with pasta but this is a diabetic recipe. And most of the carbs are in the lasagne pasta so you have to cut a bit on it.

6, grate a lot of cheese on the top of the pasta. Cover it with silver paper and bake it for 15 minutes on 425 F then take off the paper and bake it until the cheese is golden brown on the top.

If you have questions feel free to ask in e-mail - perszephone83@gmail.com

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