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Diabetical raspberry jam

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It was almost a month ago when I made my very first jar of strawberry jam. It was really delicious and mostly sugarfree, but the jar is empty now. So it was time to make a new one.

Since July is the month of the raspberry it was evident that I will use that fruit, but what else? I really like to mix the ingredients and I have seen on many sites that the bloggers are doing mixed jams so I wanted to try some too. At home we have had some bananas and honeydew melon so I have gone for it. Why not?

The result? A lovely, creamy, not too sweet jam. Just the flavor what I really like.

Ingredients for a jar:

45 dkg of raspberry - in 100 g/ 5,4 g of carbohydrate
1 banana - in 100 g/ 24 g of carbohydrate
1 slice of honeydew melon - in 100 g/ 9,5 g of carbohydrate
5 dkg of xilit - in 100 g/ 25 g of carbohydrate
5 dkg of diabetic conserve sugar - in 100 g/ 98 g of carbohydrate

Take a bigger pan. Put the fruits and sugar in it and cover with a lid. You can leave it on slow fire for 20 minutes. Beacuse of the bananas you maybe need to add some water (1 dl) to the jam in the 10th minute.

After 20 minutes you can remove the lid and stir it until you have the perfect consistency of the jam. The bigger banana and melon slices can be crushed with a fork. So with this method you will have a smooth, not too sweet jam.

At the end spoon the hot jam into a clean jar, then wrap it in a kitchen cloth and let it cool down on it's own.

It's easy, tasty and diabetical.

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